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Where sustainability grows

Everyone at Aviko is working on sustainability, and this has an impact on all parts of our company. Not only our company, but the entire chain. Together we are working on our strategy focused on a “future-proof, sustainable chain”.

Joy for everyone. From farm to fork.

We believe that there is only joy at the table if there is joy for everyone. For growers and suppliers, for our employees, for our customers and of course for our planet. Today and tomorrow. Because the year 2023 was characterized by extremes where it concerns weather conditions. The changeability and extremes in wetness and drought have a major impact on the harvest and subsequently on the entire chain. It is precisely this climate change that makes our efforts to make our business operations more sustainable urgent and top of mind.

Everything starts with a Healthy Earth, because healthy potatoes come from healthy soil. It is crucial that we take good care of our planet. We work every day to produce safely and in an ever more sustainable manner. Together with the chain, we are building an entirely circular process from potato to product, whereby we minimize water and energy consumption and prevent food waste.

Our Proud Farmers use their land, passion and knowledge to grow the best potatoes in a responsible manner. This forms the basis for the very best Aviko products. We work together with our growers on potato cultivation that can withstand all weather: profitable and sustainable, now and in the future.

In 2023, Aviko brought joy to approximately 2.7 billion tables worldwide. While consumers enjoy our products, employees contribute with meaningful work. Our employees apply their expertise and passion to make the best potato products, and to develop new plant-based alternatives. Safe, responsible and innovative. This is how we create Happy People, within and outside Aviko.

Aviko field picture
Joy for everyone, from farm to fork

Aviko sustainability report 2023

Our sustainability mission continues! Like last year, we outline our sustainability efforts. We are proud of our new sustainability report. Be inspired!

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