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Aviko are leisure food suppliers to the international leisure industry, providing a range of classic potato dishes, such as our fabulous dauphinoise gratins, starters, appetisers, sides and a range of premium fries and chips that will complement your food offerings.

Leisure destination suppliers

Aviko supplies many leisure destinations with a range of products to satisfy their customer's hunger. From cinemas, bowling alleys, bingo halls through to garden centres, Aviko's range of product cater for the different audiences, our premium fries and appetisers are perfect for the younger crowds and our classic specialties, mash, gratins and jacket potatoes appeal to the older generation.

Faster serving times

Whether in the swimming pool, amusement park, climbing forest or as a traveling food truck at festivals, in the leisure catering industry everyone agrees that serving time and the WOW factor as well as your own profit margin are key for success in this seasonal business.

That's why Aviko has created unique food service solutions for your success in leisure catering.

Churros as an original leisure snack ....with a big profit margin!

Are you in the hospitality industry and want to try a new product? What's more, one that generates up to 900% more revenue than it costs?

Churros is the new dessert for outdoors, on the go and leisure venues. Easy to prepare in a deep fryer, they can be served on their own, with ice cream or chocolate sauce. Churros also last a long time and are always an eye-catcher on display for customers passing by!