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Discover the advantages of Aviko for your kitchen. Save time while maintaining quality. Enabling restaurants to serve great quality and profitable food.

If you work as a chef in a restaurant, you know that quality is important. But the pressure in the kitchen is often enormous – especially when there is a shortage of staff. With the solutions of Aviko, we make your life a little easier. View our solutions developed especially for restaurants – they are sure to save you time. 

Premium chips & fries for pubs & restaurants

We specialize in pub and restaurant wholesale fries and chips and strive to provide chefs with fries, appetizers and other potato products that they are proud to serve. We have a great range of fries and chips for Restaurants & Pubs, so make sure you check out our sweet potato fries, thick cut chips and our super skinny fries.

Serve great chips & reduce food waste

SuperCrunch is a range of fries and chips perfect for restaurants and pubs. They are coated with a thin batter that ensures they stay hotter and crispier for longer. Many customers used to waste up to 30 percent of their chips due to poor holding times during busy periods, Super Crunch have helped these restaurants and pubs drastically reduce this food waste. 

Shared dining and snack platters

The trend of all-day eating occasions is on the rise and restaurants need to keep up with the times. Offering sharing platters and shared dining options are a great way for restaurants to increase their revenue. Not only do these options provide customers with a unique experience, but they also give restaurants an opportunity to tap into new segments and offer healthy snacks that appeal to a wide range of customers. For restaurant owners, this trend can be an invaluable tool in increasing their profits and staying ahead of the game.

Aviko has a whole host of appetizers, from jalapeno snacks and chilli cheese nuggets, to beer battered onion rings and mozzarella fingers, the bar snacks range combine really well for hungry punters. There’s also lots of options to create bar snack sharing platters, for instance Aviko’s potato skins and range of premium fries are ideal to load with new and exciting flavours. 

Aviko spicy wedges

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