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It all started with Tapas - small snacks served separately or in sets - and has become a huge trend worldwide! Millenials are now one of the largest generations to reckon with when owning a HoReCa business. They eat out more than any other generation before them - and they love to share. Sharing snacks from large platters while relaxing after a hard day and spending time with friends over a drink or glass of wine fulfils a huge need to socialize (the social aspect of eating out is very important - satisfying hunger is not the main goal). 

Snack sets can be called tapas, tasting menus, appetizers, the terminology doesn't play much of a role - the most important thing is the convivial atmosphere of regulars in a bar or restaurant spending time with friends and trying new exciting culinary flavors. 

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32% of all foodservice consumption takes place in between meals nowadays

Discover the importance of in between eating occasions

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