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We bring joy to tables all around the world

Together we connect people, cultures, and tastes worldwide.

Aviko is the worldwide market leader in refrigerated chips and one of the four largest potato processing companies in the world. Aviko is the complete supplier of chilled and frozen potato products within Foodservice. 

Thanks to our wide range of potatoes, the wishes of every guest can be fulfilled. Aviko strives to offer the best and tastiest potato solutions for every chef or food professional within Foodservice. We are happy to support and inspire you to get the most out of your business. 

We bring joy to tables all around the world

Aviko is dedicated to ensuring people all over the world enjoy the finest chips, fries, appetisers, and desserts.

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Aviko has been creating value from potatoes for over 60 years. Since its incorporation in 1962, it expanded to become a European market leader in fresh, frozen and dried potato products. 
Our company is backed by the financial strength of the Dutch parent company Royal Cosun, with its annual turnover of € 2 billion. This allows us to invest in our continued growth.
At Aviko, we believe that sustainable success can be achieved if the product provides added value for each link in the chain. This creates a win-win situation for everyone associated with our raw material - the potato. We do this by focusing on environmental factors, trends and the wishes of the end user, among others. The final result: innovative products with benefits for us all.

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Joy for everyone. Now and in the future.

Sustainability at Aviko

Aviko connects people, cultures and tastes at tables all over the world. Aviko takes its responsibility and believes in joy for everyone, in the entire chain from 'farm to fork’.

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