Aviko is your partner for potato products in Sri Lanka

'Bringing joy to tables all over the world'. We bring this mission to life by uniting diverse cultures, and culinary flavors at dining tables around the globe.

Aviko brings joy to tables all around the world

Thanks to our wide range of potatoes, the wishes of every guest can be fulfilled. Aviko products save time in the kitchen, optimize your processes and are authentic in taste & presentation. As a foodservice partner we are more than happy to support and inspire you to get the most out of your business. 

We bring joy to tables all over the world

Aviko is dedicated to ensuring people all over the world enjoy the finest chips, fries, and plant-based appetizers.

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Aviko pure and rustic marinated chicken
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Rajesh Shetty

General Manager – Asia Pacific Middle East Africa

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Aviko’s distribution partner in Sri Lanka


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