Sweet potato spinach salad

This richly filled bowl with Aviko Sweet Potato cubes, Aviko Chilli Cheddar Black Nuggets, spinach, walnuts and citrus salsa is perfect for lunch or dinner.


Aviko Sweet Potato Diced
Aviko Chili Cheddar Black Nuggets
• Spinach
• Olive oil
• Citrus salsa
• Walnuts
• Parsley


• Prepare the sweet potato cubes and the Chili Cheddar Black Nuggets according to the instructions on the package.
• Add the sweet potato cubes to the spinach.
• Season with oil, pepper and salt.
• Add the citrus salsa.
• Mix everything well and place on a plate.
• Finish the salad with the Black Nuggets, walnuts and parsley.