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Passion for plating with our Chili Cheese Nuggets. You only need 5 ingredients. With a little attention to the presentation of your plate, you’ll really make the difference!


Aviko Chili Cheddar Cheese Nuggets
• Padron peppers
• Roasted cherry tomatoes
• Roasted garlic dip
• Chili pepper
• Skewers


  • Thread the padron peppers onto a skewer and prepare them in the oven.
  • Also roast a bunch of cherry tomatoes in the oven.
  • At the same time, prepare the Chili Cheddar Cheese Nuggets according to the instructions on the package.
  • Place the skewers with padron peppers on the plate with the Cheese Nuggets and the bunch of cherry tomatoes around them. Top the dish with the roasted garlic dip and some fine slices of chili pepper.