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Irresistible Churros

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Perfect serve at any time of the day  

For restaurateurs, churros present an incredibly versatile offering that can be served as a standalone snack, paired with rich, hot chocolate, or even as a complementary side to coffee and other desserts. With quick preparation times and an impressive hold time, they're as convenient as they are popular, allowing for easy service during peak hours and a delightful addition to any menu aiming to satisfy sweet cravings. Whether featured in a dessert platter, as a grab-and-go option, or as a part of a more elaborate dessert, churros can elevate a dining experience with their simple, yet indulgent charm.

From morning treats to evening sweets, churros are perfect for any segment of your menu. Whether you're looking to add a touch of sweetness to your breakfast offerings, provide a delightful snack to accompany coffee, or enhance your dessert menu, our churros come with the promise of delight in every bite. 

Available in various shapes - classic, straight or XXL - each is created for ease of preparation and consistency in quality, ensuring that they can be seamlessly integrated into your fast-paced kitchen operations. Our churros selection has something for every chef looking to make a mark with their menu.

From the first satisfying bite to the last, Aviko churros are the real deal. 

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