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Aviko Spinach Emmentaler Gratin Holl Garnalen Met Warme Bleekselderij Liggend

With the festive season on the horizon, people are eager to socialize and indulge in out of home eating more than any other time of the year. It’s a sign of how much opportunity exists for ambitious and entrepreneurial foodservice operators to boost sales during the holiday time.

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churros 2

The festive season is here and the country is full of Christmas markets! In these you can find the most beautiful and unique gifts as well as delicious foods for warming up. The thing about the Christmas Markets is that the food is a huge part of the experience. If you are a food-based business, then a street food stall is a great way of extra profits for you this Christmas.

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halloween bites 2


Posted on 10/25/2019

With Halloween approaching, it is difficult to say who is more excited: kids eager to go trick-or-treating or foodservice operators looking to take advantage of the huge consumer spending. Surprise your guests with distinctive Halloween themed menu and increase your business! You still have some time to prepare your foodservice facility for this scary holiday. You don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! We are ready to help make your business richer!

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chilled products 1

Dare to be fresh!

Posted on 10/1/2019

Restaurant kitchens are notoriously challenging, especially during rush hours when every second counts. To deliver the best experience to your customers you should reevaluate your workflow and set priorities to take control of your time in the kitchen.

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Aviko at Anuga 2019

Posted on 9/25/2019

Anuga, the world’s largest trade fair for food and beverages, is the most import trade fair Aviko will participate in this year.

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Potato skins

Introducing handmade Potato Skins

Posted on 9/17/2019

Urban, hectic lifestyles resulted in the change of our eating habits - from the typical daypart patterns in favor of mini-meals, small bites and shareable menu items that allow to experiment with flavors.

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Vegan fast food2

With the popularity of vegan and vegetarian diets, global demand for plant-based foods is on the rise. The vegan and vegetarian market will be worth $5 billion by 2020 ( Fitt Insider). Non-meat restaurants continue to pop-up across Europe and it seems that the trend is here to stay.

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Aviko Churros Loop Krokant Sfeer 2 Liggend


Posted on 6/4/2019

Food trucks have hit a great part of the restaurant industry. Busy lifestyles, with on-the-go consumers increasingly favouring convenient and affordable quality food, result in continuous growth of the street food format. The summer is coming and the food truck business is the perfect summer business! Don’t miss your chance!

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Breakfast offer

Eating breakfast in the city is not a trend anymore – it became a lifestyle nowadays, resulting from global urbanization trend. Consumers are increasingly on-the-go, which results in changing the way they do breakfast. Few people have time to sit around the table and enjoy a traditional meal at home, and therefore the preference is moving towards out of home eating. Even timing isn’t an issue, as the meal merges into brunch and then on into the all-day breakfast. These new habits are pushing foodservice operators to take a fresh look at the morning daypart.

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AvikoPRO - Aviko culinary app that can bring a lot of inspirations to Your kitchen. Any time, any place you can easily get access to recipes on potato products or browse the product range portfolio the way you like. If you have any questions just contact Aviko sales team using the AvikoPRO. And the biggest benefit- you are online with Aviko novelties, info on trends and market news.

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Aviko Sweet Diced Potatoes Susskartoffel Salat Mit Chorizo Und Tomaten 1

Sweet potato trend

Posted on 3/5/2019

Sweet potatoes are used in a similar way as well-known potatoes, but these orange healthy kings among side dishes have much more benefits to your health. That is why the growing interest in this plant is visible. Consumption of sweet potatoes strengthen your immune system, lowers cholesterol and thanks to beta carotene and plant sterols the chance of developing cancer lowers.

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gratins 1

Maximizing margins for Christmas

Posted on 11/23/2018

With the festive season on the horizon, now is the right time to start planning special menus for the upcoming family gatherings, corporate Christmas events, New Year parties, etc. For the foodservice operators each of these can be a stressful event, especially when kitchen space is limited and preparation time is scarce.

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Veggie trend

Posted on 9/10/2018

‘Going vegan' is predicted to be the top foodservice trend of 2019. The trend is driven mainly by young people making more conscious, ethical and healthy choices. As this consciousness increases, manufacturers, including Aviko, are taking note.

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straight churros 5

Ole! It's churros time!

Posted on 8/23/2018

Churros come from Spain and they are highly popular as breakfast offer. It’s difficult to find the original recipe, since there are so many different traditions about making churros. Many people add eggs, vanilla flavor, vanilla sugar and similar „extras”, while the authentic dough is only made with water, flour, salt and a little olive oil. All we have to do is to mix these ingredients until it becomes an easy-to-knead dough, then we form sticks – in the simplest case with a traditional churros maker.

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