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The seasonal food and drink menu can increase the restaurant sales by 10-15%. How do you create a profitable seasonal menu that your guests adore?

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Go Vegan

When you start to consider your health and the environment, a conscious analysis of the composition of your daily plate follows naturally. And the search for the best option is the next thing to do. Around the world, the ‘veggie’ trend is currently one of the strongest in gastronomy.

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Digital tools for gastronomy will attract your guests and staff, prep a shopping list, and make a POS report at the end of day. In a post-pandemic world, restaurateurs, managers, and chefs will not go far without advanced tools.

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Ghost kitchens are restaurants that take only online delivery orders. After 2020, they flourished on all continents.

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Dining al fresco at world's end

Posted on 10/4/2021

Restrictions on indoor dining have unleashed a new quality in dining. There is a boom for terraces and gardens, and restaurateurs around the world are going out of their way to offer new experiences based on outdoor dining.

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10 Things Your Guest expects

Posted on 9/20/2021

It is not enough just to open a restaurant to generate the income. It is also not only about the passion for cooking. You need to manage the business effectively, recruit and train a professional team, deliver positive experience to guests during the customer journey in the restaurant. When you work in the HoReCa industry- no matter you are an executive, a mid-management or a row worker- you serve somebody all the time. Question is how to build the positive experience of our guests, how to make them come back to us? Does only perfectly cooked dish have the key influence? Below we present how to create the point of difference, other than perfect menu.

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The situation in the restaurant personnel market is increasingly looking like a disaster. Raising salaries no longer helps: there is no one to work anyway. The personnel issue, which the restaurateurs faced actually last year, was not resolved by the hot summer season, but only worsened. There is not enough everyone - cooks, waiters, dishwashers.

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Trends are not always an oracle, some fade as quickly as they appear. On the other hand, those that arose during the pandemic will certainly stay with us for longer. Changes for the HoReCa sector are not something new, this industry is constantly changing, adapting to the needs of the consumer. However, 2020 was a year in which the old patterns lost their meaning but the ability to manage crisis and react quickly to change has never been so useful. In this article, we will look at those gastronomy trends that can definitely change the face of the HoReCa industry.

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Neon Beer

For several years, we have been observing how more and more restaurant are building their offer around their own raw materials and drink production. One of the reasons of the growing popularity of craft production is the growing public awareness of natural and ecological products. Craft beers, as discussed in this article, are often low in calories and alcohol, and at the same time have a distinct flavor. This trend is strengthened by the fact that we increasingly value personalized and unique products, created locally from scratch. Such an element helps the restaurant to stand out on the market, add an extra value in their offer.

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Breakfast 1

First and best meal of the day

Posted on 8/10/2021

Breakfast or brunchfast? What breakfast to eat in 2021?

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Menu 1

No more elaborate phrases in the menu - pork in a potato blanket is passe. These days, the description of the dish is to be clear, legible, and with a straightforward message. For over a year of the pandemic, restaurant guests have become used to placing quick and simple online orders. Once they have left the house seeking some normality, they want to cut short the food selection process as much as possible, and focus on interacting with friends.

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Aviko Scoopers With 2 Dips 1 Liggend

Remarkable Crunchy GRIP ’n DIP

Posted on 6/15/2021

Grip ’n Dip is a new product in Aviko Crunchy Shapes’ range that can add value to your restaurant business. The special U-shape fries, with an extra crispy coating, will offer a unique eating experience too. No matter if the meal is served, dine in or in delivery/ takeaway.

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Snacks 1

As consumer demand for speed and convenience continues to drive such snack trends as grab-and-go and takeout and delivery, the destination seems to become increasingly clear: more snacks, less fuss. Consumers are snacking more and more, but want to do less and less. The Generation Y need for speed compels foodservice operators to pick up the pace when it comes to satisfying snack yearnings that cross dayparts.

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1 Food Trends

Lot of food trends recognized in 2020, will stay with us longer, also in 2021. We still experience the influence of COVID-19. Most of consumers work at home now- on remote job, also more time we spend at home generally. Find below our thoughts on food trends- relevant for 2021.

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Pokebowl Aviko Horeca

They are served in vegetarian varieties, with meat, seafood, or fish. The number of variations and possibilities of combining the ingredients are limitless, and it’s one of the reasons why poke bowls have become so popular all over the world. Few people know that they originate from Hawaiian cuisine and are beloved dish of surfers. Read this article to learn where the Hawaiian bowl full of goodies has come from, what it has in common with the Japanese sushi, and why it stormed street food all over the world.

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