Supercrunch coated fries for delivery

How to deliver the best fries

You don’t simply deliver the best fries. Customers are more likely to order fries if they are sure they will be hot and crispy on arrival. Are you going to work with our eight tips?

Tips to deliver the best fries: 

  • Coated fries are best for delivery
  • Choose coated fries that are cut thicker if intense potato flavour and high heat are most important to you
  • Choose coated fries with a thinner cut size if a crispy bite is most important to you
  • Always prepare fries last in order to keep the time in the package as short as possible
  • Do not put salt on the fries; instead, add some salt separately. This way, the fries won’t get soggy
  • Pack sauces and toppings separately from the fries
  • Do not include serviettes in the package of the fries because they may become soggy
  • Make holes in the packaging. The ventilation ensures that the fries can breathe and do not become soggy

Fries research and development

In our research and development department, we are always performing tests in order to learn how to improve our products and services. Thanks to this unique heat map technology, you can see exactly what happens to the temperature of the fries over time. Here you can see that Aviko SuperCrunch coated fries stay hot longer than regular fries.

Heatmap coated fries