Veggie sharing plate

  • Przepyszna płyta wegetariańska dla 2 osób

Veggie sharing plate


Prepare Spicy Sweet Corn Burgers according to the instruction on the package. Cut sweet brioche bread into small pieces. Cut cucumbers into thin slices. Prepare avocado dip - peel the avocado from the skin, blend the pulp with salt, pepper and lemon or lime juice and a little olive oil.


Pour the pesto, mayonnaise, hummus and avocado dip into the cups. Decorate the hummus with cucumber, and the avocado dip with pieces of avocado. Cut Spicy Sweet Corn Burgers into pieces. Place bread, burgers, bowls with dips, few cherry tomatoes, lemon quarters & a bowl of green olives on the wooden desk. Serve as a dish for 2 person to share.


Do you have ideas for other sauces and dips? Use them!