Why coatings are so important for your fries?

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Why coatings are so important for your fries?

Posted on 10/09/2020

With delivery playing such an important role in foodservice at the moment it is important to not let quality standards slip. There is no need for a disclaimer with coated fries, they are made for delivery and can help your business prosper for all those takeaway orders. With coated fries, there really is more than meets the fry.

Keep them crunchy

Each coated fry maintains that all important crunch that customers expect every time they order for home delivery. In fact, we conducted some research and found that 83% of customers found crunchiness to be the most important factor when ordering fries for delivery. After all, nobody likes a soggy fry. A whopping 81% of customers would order fries more often if they were warm and crunchy on delivery (Consumer research Toluna Germany, August 2017) - that's a tremendous upside you can bring to your business with a coated fry - like any from Aviko's Super Crunch range.

Our Super Crunch fries are coated with a unique, gluten-free batter. By adding the coating, our Super Crunch fries have more crust than uncoated fries. This thicker crust acts like a barrier for moisture, preventing moisture penetration into the crust. This moisture management is beneficial for both heat and crunch retention. Thereby, our Super Crunch coated fries are better suitable for delivery.

Additionally, our Super Crunch coated fries are capable of holding their shape for longer in a delivery setting. Instead of becoming soggy and collapsing in the delivery box or bag like uncoated fries, coated fries keep their volume by their stronger set crust.

It's not just the crunch, coated fries stay hotter for longer as shown in the heatmap above. This means they can travel further than standard fries. Aviko Super Crunch fries are consistent in their delivery quality, increasing the likelihood of repeat purchase amongst your customers, fuelling good reviews for your establishment. 

Tips & tricks for the best results on crunchiness

Choose the best Coated Fries!

For more information on our coated range visit our product range page or contact us. We would love to help you.

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