Vegan fast food trend is having its moment!

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Vegan fast food trend is having its moment!

Posted on 02/09/2019

With the popularity of vegan and vegetarian diets, global demand for plant-based foods is on the rise. The vegan and vegetarian market will be worth $5 billion by 2020 ( Fitt Insider). Non-meat restaurants continue to pop-up across Europe and it seems that the trend is here to stay.

For foodservice operators it is a chance to build even stronger connection with the consumers they serve. With 70% of the world population either reducing or eliminating their meat consumption (GlobalData), adding plant-based options to the menu is essential.

The shift towards non-meat diets is driven mainly by the younger generation. Their purchasing decisions are primarily based on the food source, animal welfare issues, and environmental impacts. For such clean labels they are willing to pay more.

Still, it is not enough to simply add "a plant-based dish" to make a fair share of the $5 billion market. Menu originality and flexibility remain the key success factor. Also, vegan food doesn't have to be bland and tasteless. It is not only about smashed avocados with celery smoothies. Non-vegans who follow vegan diet from time to time, often referred to as flexitarians, look for the choices that satisfy both their dietary regime and flavor indulgence. For those leaning towards 'vegan junk food', the good news is that the shift towards non-meat food is visible also here and the choices are expanding. Try to experiment a bit and compose Veggie sharing plate or Vegan burger with crispy fries for your veggie loving consumers!

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