SHARE the trends and…FUN

  • Zielona focaccia z  papryką, cebulą, ogórkiem i chrupiącymi przekąskami serowymi z chili   serowymi z chili
  • Ostre koreczki koktajlowe z mozzarellą, pomidorkami koktajlowymi i z pikantnymi przekąskami kukurydzianym
  • Zdrowy, duży wegański hamburger z chrupiącymi frytkami
  • Słoneczne ziemniaczane wariacje z pikantnym dipem dyniowym
  • Zielona, wisenna sałatka z pikantnymi przekąskami kukurydzianymi, kozim serem i grilowaną papryką
  • Wegańskie tacos z pikantnymi przekąskami kukurydzianymi i meksykańską salsą

SHARE the trends and…FUN

Posted on 28/06/2018

Socializing the time in the restaurants continues to be the HOT trend today.

Socializing the time in the restaurants continues to be the HOT trend today. We do not want to eat "just for being hungry", but to enjoy meeting with other people and spending time with them. Around-the -clock snacking, sharing and sampling, eating experience become more and more popular.

Demanding consumers look for more surprising snack offer than just chips and peanuts. Finger food is just matching this trend.

Aviko 'Share the fun' concept fits in the "casual eating" occasions perfectly. It is very easy to create unique 'Share the fun' mix by combining the wide range of Aviko Appetizers. Recently, the large group of Aviko Appetizers in CEE region has been expanded by 3 new products. In addition, two of them are vegan which makes them strong response to the increasing veggie trend.

Spicy Sweet Corn Bites (vegan) - sweet corn as the main ingredient (45%) in combination with a visual attractive crispy coating makes this 15 gram bite-size appetizer very all-round: veggie finger food snack (with e.g. Sweet Chili dip), part of a sharing platter, as a salad topping or as an ingredient for a wrap. The fact that this product can be prepared in both, deep fryer and oven/airfryer, makes it even more attractive to the customers and those looking for healthier (lower fat) option will be satisfied.

Spicy Sweet Corn Burger (vegan) - almost the same ingredients as Spicy Sweet Corn Bites (only with a bit more of sweet corn - 46%), but different shape and weight per piece (100 g) which also means new, different possibilities: you can serve it similarly to "traditional" burger with fries and create your own Premium burger offer or cut it into smaller pieces and make it a part of Share the fun mix or a shishkebab with vegetables and other Aviko appetizers.

Both sweet corn novelties have the hint of smoke flavouring creating unique and very pleasant taste and distinguishing these products in the offer.

Crispy Chili Cheese Bites (18,5g per pc) - cheese bites with green pepper and spices, coated in a batter, can enrich the sharing plate with Mexican taste. Crispy outside with soft, spicy, cheesy filling creates great flavour experience. Shape and size of this appetizer makes it a perfect part of 'Share the fun' mix, salad, tortilla wrap and many other culinary ideas.

Bon appetit!