Share the Fun ideas as new eating occasions

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Share the Fun ideas as new eating occasions

Posted on 27/05/2021

As consumer demand for speed and convenience continues to drive such snack trends as grab-and-go and takeout and delivery, the destination seems to become increasingly clear: more snacks, less fuss. Consumers are snacking more and more, but want to do less and less. The Generation Y need for speed compels foodservice operators to pick up the pace when it comes to satisfying snack yearnings that cross dayparts.

So what happens then?

Snackification! The word was originally coined in the US, to express the growing trend towards quick mini-meals throughout the day. In one survey, 92 percent of American millennials indicated that they ate a snack instead of a meal at least once per week.

Mini-meals from other cultures arrived on the scene even before bowl food. Tapas, bento boxes, and mezze are the Mediterranean, Asian, and Levantine answers to mini-meals, and they're all on the rise in Central Europe. What was once relegated to the status of appetizer, snack, or "I'm just going to have something small" is now very much a viable option for the actual meal. Traditional menus are being replaced with a wide selection of small, aromatic dishes and plenty of variations. Food is becoming more cosmopolitan and snacking is becoming  the new way of eating.

Dining cultures are dynamic: as society changes, so does the way it eats. In this day and age, change is the only constant. As we transition from the industrial age to the age of knowledge, in which the real world is often organized around the digital one, our new lifestyles and family structures mean that we're more frequently in motion, in-between, in "third places". So it's no surprise that people are eating more and more meals in that in-between space, rather than at home, on a fixed schedule.

A quick lunch in the middle of the week? Sure! Party at home at the weekend with friends? Even better! Appetizers and snacks are the best for creating new eating occasions.

Aviko offers dozens of appetizers that are great for brunch, lunch or a quick dinner.

Some of their many advantages are:

  • quick and easy preparation
  • diversity regarding sizes, shapes and flavours
  • easy calculation of food cost (constant weight per piece)
  • most of them are suitable for vegetarians, some also for vegans
  • perfect for mixing with each other and creating unique sets for sharing.

Add them to your menu, promote their variability and versatility, and you'll meet your guests' needs - or make them realize the greatness of new dining occasions!