Remarkable Crunchy GRIP ’n DIP

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Remarkable Crunchy GRIP ’n DIP

Posted on 15/06/2021

Grip ’n Dip is a new product in Aviko Crunchy Shapes’ range that can add value to your restaurant business. The special U-shape fries, with an extra crispy coating, will offer a unique eating experience too. No matter if the meal is served, dine in or in delivery/ takeaway.

Extra crunchy product with so many versatility use, Grip 'n Dip fries with extra crunchy coating and V- shape will add value to your business. It can be used as just Premium snack for dipping with homemade sauces. It also can be part of sharing platter- as guests love socializing the time and sharing the food together. When you serve Premium burger, Grip 'n Dip as side dish will be the perfect company as well. The uniqueness of shape & crunchiness will add value as side dish to any meal- meat or veggie. If you offer delivery / takeaway option, Grip 'n Dip are more than perfect solution here. Why? Due to extra crunchy, gluten free coating product stays crispy and warm when delivered to doors.

Why You should have Crunchy Shapes Grip 'n Dip in Your offer:

  • U-shape fries - prefried and deep frozen
  • Extra crispness due to coating
  • Long holding time - up to 20 minutes after preparation
  • Perfectly suit the dipping and sharing
  • Delivery / takeaway quality solution
  • Gluten free and sunflower oil

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Grip 'n Dip 5 x 2 kg

GRIP ’n DIP leaflet

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