Ole! It's churros time!

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Ole! It's churros time!

Posted on 23/08/2018

Churros come from Spain and they are highly popular as breakfast offer. It’s difficult to find the original recipe, since there are so many different traditions about making churros. Many people add eggs, vanilla flavor, vanilla sugar and similar „extras”, while the authentic dough is only made with water, flour, salt and a little olive oil. All we have to do is to mix these ingredients until it becomes an easy-to-knead dough, then we form sticks – in the simplest case with a traditional churros maker.

Although Churros are easy to make, it can be really time-consuming and complicated to prepare them in the rush hours in a restaurant kitchen. And here, we as Aviko, can deliver a solution - deep frozen Churros. There are two different shapes available in Aviko offer: straight and loop-shaped Churros.

Aviko Churros are Spanish indeed - made in our Spanish factory and then transported to other countries. Its expiration date is really convenient - 18 months - therefore restaurants with less traffic don't have to worry either, that this quantity will not be sold. No waste of raw material at all!

There is no need for an extensive kitchen - it is possible to make churros even in a café as well. The only thing you need is just a deep fryer and a deep freezer. Churros should be fried in 175 °C oil within 2.5-3 minutes, then it is ready to serve.

As each piece of Aviko churros is of the same weight (11g or 18g depending on a shape), it is easy to keep  cost control per portion - you just need to decide, how many pieces you want to serve in menu.

Although churros are usually served with cinnamon sugar, powder sugar on top or dipped in hot chocolate, you can try out different variations as well! During summer time you can serve it with different ice cream flavors, or add a delicious berry sauce as well. Churros perfectly suit breakfast menu or sweet side dish to coffee. See more inspirations on the web page or AvikoPRO app.


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