Millennials Eating Habits Restaurants Should Know

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Millennials Eating Habits Restaurants Should Know

Posted on 29/06/2018

It’s no secret that the Millennial generation has the greatest buying power in today’s market - it's a Millennial world now! And so, it’s crucial to understand what they’re buying, and how they’re different from their parents. Let’s take a closer look at their eating habits.

Millennials have a strong preference for convenience, they are less willing to cook  and hence, eat at restaurants more than any other generation. Moreover, their hectic lifestyle has created the demand for fast, on-the-go foods. Instead of eating the traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner, Millennials will often turn to snacks that are convenient for their on-the-go lifestyle. They are looking for grab and go options and this should cause restaurant owners and managers to rethink what they offer their customers. Few trends in particular are set to shape the sector, with health, emotional engagement, eating indulgence and innovative locations as key themes predicted to develop over the next months.

The frozen snacks and appetizers category is seeing growth as consumers ask for it more often than in the past.  As an answer to this trend Aviko offers a wide range of appetizers. Appetizers give customers a chance to try different options at a time. For your veggie loving customers you can choose out of vegan options, eg. Onion Rings.  For those looking for both eating indulgence and healthy options you can serve gluten free Sweet Potato Fries. Don't forget about sweets loving customers and treat them with Spanish Churros. Go with something really craveable!

Apart from bite size versions eating a 'proper' meal on the move is also becoming more and more popular. Try out and experience with Jacket Potato range  from Aviko - available in both frozen and chilled options, in large and extra large sizes. With a crispy skin and soft fluffy centre, our new Jacket Potatoes  are ready to heat, top and serve, offering a consistently quality product ideal for the lunchtime rush.

Remember to serve Instagrammable snacks - visual appeal has never been that  important! Contact Aviko advisor for POS support and  tips how to serve food for Millennials.