Make a difference with appetizers

  • Make a difference with appetizers

Make a difference with appetizers

Posted on 13/09/2020

Food delivery has become a highly competitive sector in the last months. The market is saturated with home delivery options at the moment and hence, it is crucial to go the extra mile and make a difference!

Create new eating occasions

Although foodservice outlets are now open, the usual flow of traffic has been altered. Therefore, there has never been a better time for caterers to consider updating menu and trigger a demand for new eating moments.

How about embracing sociable sharing culture at home?

With many consumers not feeling comfortable enough to dine in and opting for take away or delivery, look at how you can continue their experience outside your outlet. With pizza still being for many consumers the most popular sharing option in delivery, there is plenty of room for adding value. The key to success is to offer something different for your regular customers - they will love it! Curious consumers love the idea of trying a bit of everything instead of choosing one dish from the menu. Moreover, the idea of sharing, especially among younger generations, was growing in popularity in pre-corona times. From sharing cars, houses to personal experiences on social media - we simply love to share! And it seems that the food sharing trend has survived the lockdown outside the foodservice premises!

Share the fun with your family at home!

It is the right moment to step in and help your customers with convenient, unique sharing options in delivery. We give you a helping with our Bubbles & Bites Sharing Box for delivery.

Check out what chef Ivo Schellen does with Aviko appetizers to create a party on a plate ( video above).


"For my bubbles & bites I always like to

create a small party on the plate. Of course,

I like to offer something different than my

colleagues. So, we add some value to the

bites with the Aviko appetizers. It also helps

me to bring some variety to the vegetarian

snacks. The quality of the appetizers is

high, as most of them are produced in

Spain: home of the tapas."

Ivo Schellen

Why Appetizers?

• Traditional eating moments are losing ground.

• 32% of all consumptions in food service take place in between or after meals.

• Bubbles & Bites sharing platters are the trend of the moment.

• Moreover, Bubbles & Bites platters are very rich in margin.

• Aviko offers many different delivery-proof appetizers to choose from, for example:

Philadelphia Crispy Snacks,

Tomato Mozzarella Bites,

Jalapeno Snacks,

Mac'n Cheese Triangles

• These appetizers have a long holding time, perfect for delivery.

• It is the perfect way to offer variety in vegetarian snacks.

Presentation makes the difference

Make a difference with appetizers 2



Sometimes it is the way you combine and pack things that makes the difference. With this concept you create a new delivery moment for consumers. An appetizers delivery box for a bubbles & bites moment at home. It is a moment of fun and joy, so present it that way!

Interested in tasting and assessing the quality of Aviko Appetisers? Contact us for more details!


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Traditional eating moments are losing ground. Sharing platters are the trend of the moment.

Ivo Schellen

Home Delivery Ivo

"For my bubbles & bites I always like to create a small party on the plate"