Introducing Super Crunch Skinny Fries

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Introducing Super Crunch Skinny Fries

Posted on 02/02/2021

We present a new product in our Super Crunch portfolio. Premium Skinny Fries with superb potato taste! Super long, super thin & super crispy fries will quickly become Your guests' favorites for a long time.

Rich potato taste and crispy coating

Super Crunch Skinny Fries will make any dish look unique. Made of the finest potato selection, coated for long lasting crispiness, Skinny Fries are great for delivery. These extremely thin fries (6x6 mm) will be a nice accompaniment to fish, meat, vegetarian dishes and burgers due to extra length and surprise your guests with the richest potato taste. Tap into the trend and diversify Your offer with Aviko Skinny Fries.


  • The superb potato flavor
  • Thin and ultra crispy
  • Gluten free and non- GMO
  • Pre-fried in 100% Sunflower oil
  • A extra thin cut that gets attention (6x6mm)
  • Suitable for preparation in Merrychef

Interested in tasting and assessing the quality of Aviko Skinny Fries? Contact us for more details!


skinny fries product

PREMIUM Super Crunch Skinny Fries 6 mm 4x2500g

Skinny Fries Leaflet

skinny fries leaflet

Download your Skinny Fries leaflet and discover more about this superb novelty!