Introducing handmade Potato Skins

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Introducing handmade Potato Skins

Posted on 17/09/2019

Urban, hectic lifestyles resulted in the change of our eating habits - from the typical daypart patterns in favor of mini-meals, small bites and shareable menu items that allow to experiment with flavors.

To meet the growing demand for sharing menu options we've launched our 1/4 & 1/2 Potato Skins, enabling you to get creative with the toppings and come up with a truly unusual twist. The versatility of Potato Skins is only limited to chef's imagination. The options are endless and profitable with modest food costs delivering high margins for foodservice operators.

Additionally, our new Potato Skins offer the perfect platform to try out vegan combinations for those who make an effort to cut down on their meat consumption.

Made from potatoes with a higher natural sugar content to provide a superior taste, Aviko's Potato Skins can be both fried or oven-cooked, maintaining a crispy outer texture even when loaded.

To provide inspiration, we've created a host of innovative recipes including Superfood Greens, Firecracker Peppers and Curried Chickpeas & Spinach which can all be viewed here. 

To start benefiting from the endless possibilities loaded Potato Skins provide, contact our advisor today!


potato skins 1/2

Baked Potato Skins ½ 4x2500g


potato skins 1/4

Baked Potato Skins ¼ 5x2100g