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Explore Aviko Innovative Packaging

Posted on 11/09/2020

As the number of people ordering their food online is on the rise, so are foodservice operators’ concerns about delivering restaurant quality. Nothing spoils a takeout meal quite like wilted and soggy food. This particularly concerns fries, as perception of fries for delivery is that it is often too soft and soggy. However, the good news is that 83% of customers would order fries more often, if they knew the fries arrived warm and crunchy (Consumer research Toluna Germany, August 2017). That is why we introduce ground-breaking innovation – Aviko packaging with ventilation holes.

How Does Venting Work?

Crispy fries number one enemy is moisture. When fries are placed into a closed container just after frying, they let off steam which settles around the lid of the container and forms condensation. This condensation then collects and drips back down to fries, making them soggy. Aviko venting technology allows steam to escape from the container, preventing from condensation. This way, in delivery circumstances fries do not get soggy and your takeout still has the taste and texture of restaurant quality.

Beside practical aspects, Aviko packaging has also attractive, instagrammable design, which will undoubtedly appeal to the  younger part of your customer base. Along with personalization kit provides an excellent opportunity to make your restaurant stand out from the crowd and build a long-lasting relationship with consumers.