How to use social media to promote delivery/ takeaway – 17 proven tips (for free)

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How to use social media to promote delivery/ takeaway – 17 proven tips (for free)

Posted on 06/05/2020

Do you offer takeaway or food delivery but do not know how to reach the customer during the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic? Social media are a great tool to build your brand image, also for companies from the food industry! Thanks to social media channels, you will get in touch with potential customers and have an opportunity to promote your restaurant. Find out about the best free advertising tools available on Facebook and Instagram.


There are many different ways of promoting your restaurant on Facebook. High-quality content, well-structured tabs and information and real-life photos are only some of the ideas that can help you increase engagement. Here are some of the most interesting (or indispensable) ways of promoting a local food company. What is more, all of them are free! It would be a real pity not to use them!



The most important thing is to inform your regular and potential customers about the availability of takeaway or food delivery. Write a post that describes in detail the whole process of placing the order and the ways in which the customer can collect their food. Once it is ready, publish it and pin it at the top of your Facebook page. Make it noticeable so that everyone reads it!


2. Remember about the menu.

You can add the menu on your Facebook page in PDF or PNG format to a special tab instead of placing it in the photo folder, where it could be difficult to find. Make sure that all of the tabs are displayed properly, both on computers and other mobile devices.


3. Make it easy to contact you.

First of all, double-check your phone number. Remember to respond regularly (and quickly) to messages and consider the option of placing orders via Messenger. Your customers will appreciate it!


4. Adjust your company logo and cover photo.

Make these two sections reflect the current situation of your restaurant. Customers see them immediately after they open your Facebook page, so make sure that they contain proper information on how your restaurant works these days.


5. Update the OUR STORY section.

In this section, you can also describe the ways in which the customer can place, collect or receive their order and inform on what is available from the menu. You can also include a direct link to your company page if you have one or add some photos, for example, of the dishes that are available with delivery.


6. Together we are stronger!

Join local groups on Facebook that promote restaurants and takeaway or delivery food. Many people look for such places in exactly these kinds of groups. You can find many potential customers there. All you have to do is enter a phrase you are interested in into the Facebook search engine and filter the searches by clicking "Groups".


7. Share the content of your customers.

Ask your customers to share (or tag) photos of food ordered at your restaurant. You can even create a special hashtag to go with the photos. Sharing such content will make your restaurant more credible as customers will see with their own eyes that people buy food at your place and are happy with it! Maybe somebody will order a dish, encouraged by one of the photos that were shared? This is a good way to expand your customer base.


8. Ask for help.

People on the Internet pay a lot of attention to the opinions of other users. Ask your regular customers to comment on your posts, add reviews and share information about the possibility of food delivery at your restaurant. Asking for help is a common thing now - everybody will understand it.


9. Improve engagement on your Facebook page.

Try to publish content that is attractive to the users. Encourage your customers to take action and keep in touch with them regularly by giving them the very best that your company has to offer.

  • Run a contest in which, for example, you ask people to post their photos of food ordered from your restaurant. This way, you will attract attention and get new fans. The prize for the contest can be a discount, free delivery or dish, voucher or gadget - preferably with your logo on it.

  • Write engaging posts in which you ask your clients to answer questions such as: Which of the dishes from our menu is your favourite? What do you usually order at our restaurant? Who did you have the most fun with at our restaurant? What dishes that are not on the menu would you like to try?

  • Publish posts that will encourage your customers to tag their friends. For example, ask them to tag the person with whom they live and eat the food they ordered.


10. Show the backstage.

In your posts and stories, show who your employees are, what they do and how they prepare the dishes. The restaurant is only as good as the people who work there. Show them to the world! Post photos of your staff as a good team. Showing the backstage of your restaurant in the times of the coronavirus pandemic also has one more advantage. By doing so, you make your customers aware that you follow all the necessary procedures and rules for safe food preparation.


11. Use the stories section.

Do not forget about ephemeral content. Remind your customers of your takeaway offer every day! If you add a new dish to the menu, you can also use this section to inform people about it.


12. Engage customers by using different formats.

Use more than just one format of posts. Try to diversify your content! The attractive form of the posts will definitely draw attention to your restaurant and your delivery offer.

  • Use surveys - ask people to vote, for example, for a dish of the day available with delivery or a dish that they would like to eat but that is not on the menu etc.

  • Create carousel posts - show the whole process of delivery, present the apps where the customers can order your food or display every dish that is available with delivery.

  • Albums - gather your customers' photos and create galleries with the images of dishes available with delivery.

  • Short videos - present your menu, ready-to-serve takeaway boxes and information about safety rules during food preparation and delivery.

  • Stories - use this section for everyday communication with your customers, to present the menu of the day and to show satisfied customers with their takeaway meals.



There is nothing more stimulating to the imagination than a photograph, and Instagram seems to confirm this theory. When you run a food business, you should always keep this in mind.  Whichever dishes you serve at your restaurant, try to show them in the best possible way. What else apart from attractive photos can help you promote your delivery offer?

1. Take care of the BIO section.

Update your bio and describe how customers can order takeaway food at your restaurant; tag your partners (Wolt, Glovo, Uber Eats etc.).

2. Show your menu.

Add a link in your BIO that will lead directly to your current menu. This way, you will have it in a visible place and your customers will find it easily.

3. Make your Insta Stories stand out.

Create Instagram Highlight Stories sections (e.g. menu available with delivery, menu of the day, delivery process, how to order). This way, you will be able to keep ephemeral content that disappears after 24 h tagged to your profile for as long as you want.

4. Make sure to publish posts regularly!

It is really important to remain regular. Publish InstaStories every day and share the stories of the customers who tag your restaurant. Let people know that your place is open for business!

5. Engage your customers.

You can use the Q&A sticker in InstaStories. Ask your customers about the dishes they would like to try, how they would like to collect their order etc. Listen to your customers' needs and use their suggestions!


We presented you with a handful of good practices that will help you (using the potential of social media) promote your takeaway offer. When marketing your restaurant, remember that you have to run your social media channels regularly to achieve your goal. Promote your business in a smart and attractive way - post engaging content, stay in touch with your customers and publish up-to-date news, novelties and changes!