How to cater for large groups during the festive season?

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How to cater for large groups during the festive season?

Posted on 17/12/2019

With the festive season on the horizon, people are eager to socialize and indulge in out of home eating more than any other time of the year. It’s a sign of how much opportunity exists for ambitious and entrepreneurial foodservice operators to boost sales during the holiday time.

Though the holiday rush is likely to give your restaurant a significant rise in revenue, it might be a challenging test too, especially when kitchen space is limited and preparation time is scarce. Not to mention, customers expect to see innovative menu items when they go out during holidays. How to embrace both creative and strategic thinking? How to differentiate from competitors?

You don't know where to start? Don't worry! We are ready to help make your business richer!

When planning the offer, it's crucial to have in mind that the elements of the menu have to :

  • be easy to prepare
  • enable speed of service during peak times
  • be designed with profitability in mind
  • be served in an original, appealing way

And so are Aviko gratins. Full of flavour, highly convenient and extremely versatile, the gratins will add innovative touch to your seasonal menu. With holding time up to 60 minutes they are ideal for large volume banquet or event catering. Made of high quality ingredients, the gratins can be cooked from frozen to order and guarantee a perfect result every time. With the added bonus of countability (stable amount in a package and  weight per piece -  35g, 75g or 100g) they enable transparent cost calculation.

Help your customers feel the Christmas spirit by choosing potato gratins from diverse Aviko offer:


…and NEW Aviko Gratins with Spinach and Emmental cheesewhich will help you to incorporate healthier and lighter ingredients into holiday meals! With the growing demand for clean labels, Aviko found the way to strike the light balance between healthier eating and indulgence.



Aviko Spinach Emmentaler Gratin Doperwten Linzenkoekjes Tzatziki Liggend

Gratins Spinach & Emmental 6x1500g