How to Attract and Retain Good HoReCa Employees

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How to Attract and Retain Good HoReCa Employees

Posted on 13/09/2021

The situation in the restaurant personnel market is increasingly looking like a disaster. Raising salaries no longer helps: there is no one to work anyway. The personnel issue, which the restaurateurs faced actually last year, was not resolved by the hot summer season, but only worsened. There is not enough everyone - cooks, waiters, dishwashers.

Where did Employees leave?

Let's start with the reasons. The coronavirus and its consequences led to the fact that typical restaurant workers have left the cities of presence - migrants returned to their countries, students dispersed to their hometowns and studied online. Many of those who stayed in big cities , retrained as couriers of delivery services, began to work in their specialty, they simply decided to abruptly change their profession. The third factor is that the closed borders have caused an unbridled desire among people to spend their vacation budgets in the homeland and local people do not use out of home services so often..

Next reason is the negative image of the restaurant business after the lockdown. Restaurateurs attribute the staff shortage to the fact that HoReCa can be considered one of the most vulnerable industries, as shown by 2020 with inactive attitude of the government towards restaurants during the pandemic. For job seekers, the main criterion when looking for a company-employer is stability. During the crisis, HoReCa industry was unable to demonstrate this, they worked with restrictions for a very long time. The candidates' confidence in the Horeca market as an employer has dramatically decreased, because it is this segment that has suffered the most during the pandemic.

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Step by step from the beginning

The key is to improve the employee experience. Employers need to shake off the old mentality and make their restaurant an exciting place to work. This means finding ways to create a positive environment, supporting employees in their work and career goals, and offering a better work-life balance than the competition. Here's a few tips mentioned at restaurant :

Offer flexible schedules - Get creative with scheduling by allowing workers to take more days off

Create growth opportunities - Invest in great training programs and provide opportunities for education

Inspire loyalty -The right culture can inspire employees to stay with your brand throughout their career. It is especially important for young people like Millenials or Zoomers.

Listen and respond to employee feedback - listen and implement some of their suggestions. Treat them as part of team with responsibility for business

Simplify the job and get the right tools -It is much cheaper to keep your current employees happy than constantly to have to look for, hire, and train the new ones.

Keep an open door - If a good employee does leave your restaurant for a job somewhere else, don't automatically write them off. Keep in touch and let them know that you'd be happy to have them back.

Promote your brand culture on social media - by showing the restaurant life from the kitchen on social media, you make it clear that you run an honest company that has no threat to hide anything.

Employee retention is clearly a top priority. But beyond that, employers should consider what makes a company the perfect place to work, where even the most ambitious employees feel happy. The main ingredients of a dream job are real leaders, interesting challenges and a supportive environment where people can express themselves to their fullest. Do your best to create a team where everyone can be themselves, show everything they can and enjoy it, and then everything will be fine with the involvement of employees.

There are a lot of reasons that lead employees to the idea of ​​quitting. The manager must be ready to identify them and, most importantly, to solve, because if he does not offer a sensible solution, then he will lose the employee.