Food trends created in 2020 that will stay with us in 2021

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Food trends created in 2020 that will stay with us in 2021

Posted on 26/05/2021

Lot of food trends recognized in 2020, will stay with us longer, also in 2021. We still experience the influence of COVID-19. Most of consumers work at home now- on remote job, also more time we spend at home generally. Find below our thoughts on food trends- relevant for 2021.

Plant Based Foods

1 Plant Based Food

We do care about our health- especially during pandemic time now. Plant-based foods continue to be a growing trend in 2021. More and more people are looking for protein from plant- based sources. Population of flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan is growing constantly. Those who are not fully dedicated to any of above food trend, just try to eat something different than meat. As vegan or vegetarian dish is tasty and healthy as well- why not to change the eating habits? Restaurants have  to reply on this need- more plant based menu will be introduced, it becomes a MUST offer. Some trendsetters are predicting a innovative solution like plant-based "fish" - this is going to be really interesting!


2 Breakfast

Our daily life- style changed a lot- we do spend a lot of time at home now. We start our working day since breakfast. Does the breakfast have to be the same and boring every day? Restaurants can inspire with new approach to this meal- just search for at Instagram phots, how appealing and different breakfast can be. You can create the point of difference via breakfast offer. Good to have option for take away and delivery. Breakfast also can be all- day menu- lot of people like eating this meal later, not just in the morning. We do recommend to create your unique breakfast offer as soon as possible! Aviko has worked out the breakfast trend. You can use the ready inspirations. Stay tuned to find out more!

Eco-Conscious Packaging    

4 Packaging

This may seem unlikely with all of the single-use packaging we used during the pandemic, but that's why we expect to see more environmentally friendly packaging in 2021. If you're an eco-conscious consumer, you should be able to breathe easier soon! The European Union has decided to fight the growing amount of plastic waste. The so-called Single Use Plastics directive enters into force in July 2021. It concerns a ban on the usage of ten single-use products whose alternatives are safer for the environment. The packaging industry will experience a revolution in 2021. The question, however, is whether the changes will actually improve environmental protection?


5 Fermenting

This trend has started in 2020 and it will only get more popular this year. Expect people looking for such side dishes as kimchi, pickled cucumbers, red onions, radishes, and more.

Fast Food 

6 Fast Food

As we've mentioned, comfort food has become key in the pandemic, so it's no surprise that popular fast food restaurants have seen huge lines for delivery& takeaway. This makes perfect sense because they're affordable, convenient, but also remind us, of the more carefree days of dipping French fries in industrially engineered sauces that always taste somehow so good.

Delivery Services  

7 Delivery

Delivery trend has been growing before pandemic and was even strengthened by Covid-19. It has been the only possibility to sell meals from the restaurant in many countries during lockdown. Moreover,  this trend will not disappear after pandemic. Why? People get used toordering many things home delivered- not only meal. We are convinced that delivery will stay with us as element of new reality after Covid-19. Many restaurants have just adjusted the offer for delivery purpose- different menu, product which keep high quality and holding time when delivered. New product solutions, package solutions have been implemented. But why to stop here?