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Follow the trends!

  • Aviko_Pure&Rustic Fries_VHS hamburger Herfst
  • aviko-pure&rustic DM 2a
  • Aviko_Pure&Rustic Fries_VHS hamburger winter
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Follow the trends!

Posted on 26/06/2018

(Fast) casual, Premium burger and authentic fries Aviko Pure& Rustic…

The restaurants offer changes dynamically today. We - as consumers - have less time for cooking at home and at the same time we love socializing the time out of home. We are looking for the friendly places, which can offer us  honest and quality food. It is even better if the original concept is behind this. We - as consumers - love new experiences!

No doubts that Premium burger offer is one of the most popular dishes in the world recently. Especially nowadays that street food and (fast) casual is getting widespread throughout the world, we can find burgers everywhere.

When it comes to burger menus, end-users tend to focus their attention on how they can differentiate the meat or toppings. But there is also a huge opportunity to make offer even more attractive via adding extraordinary side dish.

Premium burger needs Premium side dish company - such a perfect fit will satisfy the consumer for sure. Premium side dish - instead of just classic fries - help restaurants to distinguish them from the competitors. It also helps to attract consumers - as we love experiencing the taste.

What kind of fries is the consumer looking for? Answer is - each one, except just the classic offer…. Aviko Premium Fries has been developed to support end-users and offer their clients something different than just classic fries.

Super Crunch range features an innovative coating that means consumers will enjoy a crispier, crunchy texture. They really can feel the difference with each bite!

Sweet potato Fries - Consumers appreciate Aviko Sweet fries for the unique flavor and perceived health benefits. Sweet potatoes have a lower glycemic index- better choice for diabetics for example. Sweet potatoes have more vitamins A & C comparing to white variety. They are perceived as nutrient-dense alternatives to french fries at burger chains or colorful side dishes for upmarket restaurants. And at the end they deliver new eating experience. And this is the driver for eating

Home-made products, authentic appearance, pride in craftsmanship- such trends are hot today as well. That is why Aviko will offer P ure& Rustic fries really soon!

Pure&Rustic fries- skin on fries, with irregular cut: 14x14 and 10x20- are just perfect reply for the market needs - pure&natural offer without any need for extra work in the kitchen.

Pure& Rustic fries are of stable quality all- year round: pleasantly crispy on the outside with soft and fluffy inside. Here you will not be surprised with 'al dente' home made fries effect. Unfortunatley it happens in many restaurants, which offer home- made fries made from the scratch.

Pure&Rustic fries help to plan the supply chain better. Imagine that your restaurant visit more and  more consumers - and you do not manage to peel the potatoes and cut them into fries. Not mention - to serve high quality home made fries at the end. Pure& Rustic fries are solution here!

Pure&Rustic fries  from Aviko are not only of authentic look and
intense potato flavour - this product is also healthier, as produced on
sunflower oil. It delivers extra benefits both to end- users and consumers.

Pure& Rustic fries as high convenient& authentic fries can add value to the menu- not only Premium burger. Look for more inspirations in AvikoPRO. Bon appetit and enjoy it!

Hanna Wencka
Brand Manager CEE