First and best meal of the day

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First and best meal of the day

Posted on 10/08/2021

Breakfast or brunchfast? What breakfast to eat in 2021?

One of the key trends in gastronomy listed by the authors of the 2021 Future 100 Wunderman Thompson report , reported by French website, breakfasts are celebrating a great comeback. And not just any breakfast, but wholesomely eaten and mindfully prepared.

Although breakfast has not yet beaten lunch as the most important meal of the working world, it is safe to say that it has already been hailed as the coolest meal and  the new highlight of the day. It is a new luxury because it is not about eating just anything, anyhow. A 2021 breakfast is about buying yourself a sense of well-being.

Compared to 2019, changes in the breakfasts' quality, appearance and ingredients are significant. Actually, the menus went topsy-turvy during the pandemic. Before the new normal of remote work, real breakfast was available only on the weekend. During the week, coffee gulped in a hurry and a sandwich munched on the run were the order of the day.

With the arrival of remote work, where the desk and the kitchen were just a wall away from each other, came the time and the opportunity to start the day normally. For some of us, for the first time in years, we could eat the morning meal with our loved ones during the week. This way, not only the nutritious function of breakfast was restored, contributing to a much better start of the day, but also its social role.

According to a Kantar study carried out in Great Britain, during the first lockdown, the British ate 68 percent more breakfasts compared to 2019. Over the last year, the habit became established not only in England, but all over the world. And when the restaurants reopened, breakfasts spilled out of the home.

Breakfast? Now, it's brunchfast!

Guests liked breakfasting out so much that many restaurants decided to extend the breakfast menu until the afternoon. The new trend is called brunchfast (breakfast extended until lunchtime).

During the week, Kozy Bosquet, a celebrated Paris restaurant serves a sumptuous brunch-inspired menu from 10 to 13. The menu includes, e.g., banana pancakes with homemade caramel or fresh fruit and hazelnuts, vegan, homemade coconut granola with homemade peanut butter or cottage white cheese, seasonal fruit and organic maple syrup,  or pancakes with organic poached egg, smoked bacon, mascarpone cream and organic maple syrup.

A classic Parisian breakfast, i.e., a croissant with coffee, always has its charm, but restaurants that want to keep up with the trend do their best to accommodate the new needs of their guests. That is why the "Good morning in Paris" breakfasts offered by Kozy Bosquet include: country bacon or pulled beef, a poached egg, grilled eryngii (king trumpet) mushrooms, a bouquet of herbs and brioche (traditional French butter bun); sourdough bread with avocado, pomegranate, roasted seeds and fresh herbs or "Sexy egg", i.e. pulled beef, organic egg, brioche, fresh chard, seasonal pickles made of root vegetables (for more about the a new trend in serving pickles for breakfast, see below) and harissa (hot pepper paste).

Breakfast 4

Epic breakfasts powered by the lipstick effect

Now, many restaurant guests will seek a little luxury in their first meal of the day. This is called the lipstick effect. Generally speaking, in times of economic crises, consumer preferences change: the consumption of high-value luxury goods decreases and the consumption of relatively lower-value goods increases. For example, sales of luxury cars are dropping and sales of luxury cosmetics (hence the name) and quality food go up.

According to the Bidfood Trends 2021 report, restaurant guests will now be looking for a way to raise the bar for their daily culinary experiences. For some, it will be quality tea for breakfast instead of the usual Earl Grey teabag, for others, craft butter or homemade gluten-free cake. The "less is more" trend (less food but of better quality) will also gain momentum.

The global wave of increasing health and environmental awareness will reinforce the trend for vegan and gluten-free breakfast options. According to the latest "Packed Facts" report, sales of alternative dairy products, especially milk, ice cream, yogurt, cream, cheese, spreads, dips and sauces in the United States will increase from $ 4.3 billion to $ 5.2 billion by 2024. According to the report, sales of alternative eggs will reach $ 50 million by 2024, and sales of alternative seafood will reach $ 62 million by 2024. This trend is already having a genuine impact on the breakfast menu.

For example, the Roman breakfast place La Licata prepared ready-made breakfast sets to cater all preferences: apart from the usual savory and sweet, the menu includes a vegan option (cappuccino with plant milk, freshly squeezed juice, vegan croissant made of puff pastry, no filling, vegan snack and fruit salad) and gluten-free (coffee, fresh juice, sandwich or gluten-free snack, fruit salad with Greek yogurt).


Breakfast that boosts the brain and mood

The trend for healthy, organic vitamin bomb breakfasts will be one of the leading trends in 2021. Suppliers who observe, e.g., a clear increase in sales of citrus fruit (containing large amounts of vitamin C) have already realized this. "There is a growing interest among chefs in functional and organic foods, drinks that increase immunity, regenerate, ensure longevity, and boost endurance," explains Jan Miller, Food Editor at Better Homes & Gardens in an interview for

Kim Severson of The New York Times writes: "Nutrition trend forecasts always anoint a vegetable to become king of the year. In 2017, it was chicory, in 2019 - stem lettuce. In 2021, every vegetable is a winner. Health and immunity will remain a major interest, and foods with a health-promoting aura should sell off quickly, especially vegetables. Some grocery stores [in the United States - ed.] report that over the last year the sales of vegetables increased by over 30 percent.

The New York Honeybrains restaurant has predicted the trend spot on. According to the owners, its menu was based on scientific reports on the impact of food on the brain. "People who regularly eat five food groups (vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, and Omega-3-rich foods), combining them with healthy additives (herbs, spices, fermented foods) will enjoy increased well-being, more energy, a stronger heart and a more efficient brain for the rest of your life" reads the restaurant's website.

Honeybrains serves breakfast during the week until 11, at weekends until 16. The selection ranges from "Saucy Eggs" (Two Poached Omega 3 Eggs, San Marzano Tomato Sauce, Piave Cheese, Arugula, Toasted Seeded Sourdough) to "Chia Charge" (Gluten-Free Overnight Oats Blended with Old Chatham Sheep's Milk Yogurt, HB Raw Wildflower Honey, Banana & Almond Milk; Chia Seeds, Homemade Blueberry Compote, HB Granola with Walnuts); "Power Oatmeal" (Tri-Color Quinoa, Gluten-Free Oatmeal, Warm Spiced Coconut Milk, HB Raw Wildflower Honey, with additions of dried fruits and nuts); "Power Breakfast" (Two Sunny Side Omega 3 Eggs, Arugula, Red Potatoes, Chickpeas, Hearts of Palm, Lentils, Edamame, Pumpkin Seeds, Red Chiles, Red Onions, and Cilantro).

The global breakfast offer also shows the post-pandemic trend of nostalgia (food that brings back childhood memories, provides a sense of comfort and security).

Chocolate baguette served in bed

The trend for home-made breakfasts and the bread fad have not been so strong for a long time. Even in 2019, the breakfast delivery offer was quite poor. Bread from artisan bakeries has already been en vogue, but a bit niche. The pandemic turned out to be a real bakery boom when quality bread, croissants and baguettes became a lifeline for restaurants. Places running their own bakeries began to spring up like mushrooms.

In Paris, the trend of take-away breakfasts and bakeries that have opened up at restaurants is also visible, although less than in Poland. Perhaps, due to the rich tradition of boulangeries and pâtisseries (bakeries and confectioneries) found on almost every street corner in France, the demand for high-quality artisan bread was not that high there. For example, the Parisian BO&MIE - Louvre Rivoli decided to open a home delivery bakery, offering baguettes, many kinds of bread, pain au chocolat (traditional French rolls with chocolate), madeleines and other sweet French classics - cakes and cookies.

From board of cold cuts to sweet breakfast board

In Europe and the US, many restaurants are already moving away from continental breakfasts as Italian, Japanese, or Indian trends emerge, followed by the less known African cuisine (known for its simple and unprocessed vegetable dishes, most often gluten-free) and Middle Eastern cuisine. In London, breakfast specialists observe numerous influences from Japan, to Malaysia, to Mexico. According to the authors of the Bidfood Trends 2021 report, artisan toast and foccacia will be the winners of this year's breakfast bread offer.

Since people spend more time eating breakfast, they can afford trying different flavors and eat the first meal of the day together with friends. The novelty are breakfast boards similar to cheese or cold meats board, but with a wide selection of fruit, pancakes, waffles, French toast, honey from local apiaries, jams with chia seeds, superfoods, etc. Pinterest predicts that the board will be one of the strongest breakfast trends in 2021.

Breakfast 2

Tea waffles and zero waste breakfast

Adding coffee and tea to pancakes, cakes, waffles is another novelty. Café Janis in Lisbon has an "Earl Gray Chocolate Waffle" (homemade waffles, Earl Gray mousse, chocolate, nuts) or "Vegan Matcha Bowl" (matcha, coconut milk, avocado, banana, fresh fruit) on its menu. Following the health foods, vegan and gluten-free trend, Café Janis offers all those breakfast options. Their vegan breakfast bowl includes mushrooms, tomatoes, avocados, olives, cucumber, squash, carrots, and roasted chickpeas.

On the other hand, points out that the eco and zero-waste wave brought in pickled juices and dried vegetables as a breakfast addition. This is confirmed, e.g., by the industry portal "Dried fruit and vegetables are a new, sustainable way to manage food. Everything from mushrooms to jackfruit can be served dried. Recycled food is now a hot commodity that sells well, "explains Tina Potthoff, vice president of communications for US supermarket chain Hy-Vee.