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Discover Spain with Churros

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Discover Spain with Churros

Posted on 27/06/2018

Do you have a fast casual restaurant, a food truck or are you serving street food? Do you and your guests love adventure and exotic dishes? Then discover Churros by Aviko and dream off to Spain in the blink of an eye.

Que? Churros?

You pronounce Churros as 'Tsjourros'. It is a Spanish delicacy in the form of rings made from fried wheat or potato dough. They are traditionally eaten for breakfast in Spain with a chocolate dip and a cup of coffee to wake up. At the same time they are also delicious as a snack, no matter at what time of the day you serve it to your guests.

The history of Churros

The Churros, also called Spanish donut or Spanish cookies, is centuries old. Several stories are circulating about the origin of this dish. The tasty rings would not originate from Spain but from China and the Portuguese took them to Spain. But the most famous story tells that Churros originally were eaten by shepherds in the field, because they were so easy to prepare. Nowadays they are popular in Latin America, France, Portugal, Morocco, the United States, Australia, and Spanish-speaking Caribbean islands.

How to serve Churros

There are two types of Churros in Spain. One variant is thin and round and the other is long and thick as fries (porra). Churros is traditionally eaten with melted thick chocolate, but they are also delicious with cinnamon and sugar. Fry them 2.5 to 3 minutes at 175ºC and serve them immediately, because fresh fried they are at their best. Bring them to taste in any way that your guests like. Need inspiration? On the Aviko website you will find several movie clips and recipes that show you how to make a delicious treat with Churros.

Churros from Aviko

Do you want to serve Churros to your guests? Aviko has delicious Churros in its range of snacks & appetizers. The Churros have a long shelf life in the freezer. If you store the Churros at -18 °C, they can be kept for up to 19 months. They are perfect to combine with other dishes. With Churros you give your guests a special moment on perhaps an ordinary day.

Other exotic ideas from Aviko

In addition to the Churros, we also offer various other exotic snacks & appetizers such as Mozzarella fingers, Onion rings, Squid strips and Jalapeño snacks. These snacks can also be combined with all kinds of other ingredients for a delicious and complete meal or just as a snack to sooth your appetite.

Try or serve Aviko Churros?

Surprise your guests with delicious Churros. For more information, contact  Aviko.



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