Dare to be fresh!

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Dare to be fresh!

Posted on 01/10/2019

Restaurant kitchens are notoriously challenging, especially during rush hours when every second counts. To deliver the best experience to your customers you should reevaluate your workflow and set priorities to take control of your time in the kitchen.

Anyone who has ever peeled vegetables in huge quantities knows how time-consuming it might be, and even though many chefs believe doing everything from scratch is crucial, it isn't always a wise decision to spend time cutting by hand. Additionally, consistency is especially important in the foodservice industry.

If you are looking for a fresh variety on the plate and less staff involvement in the simple kitchen activities, try Aviko chilled products.

The main benefit of the chilled range to operators, is that the products are ready to use. Fully cooked, they're a highly versatile addition for use in busy kitchens. Chilled products can be used as a base for chefs to add their own creative touch and are highly convenient, minimizing preparation time, while the nutritional goodness of the potato is retained. Chilled products from Aviko are ready to heat whilst delivering consistent, year round quality. Long shelf life from production date (fries - 21 days, specialties - 3 months) helps to reduce food waste.

Within the chilled range, we have chosen the right variety for each product, based on the main preparation method. For example, for Parisienne potatoes, we use Hansa - a waxy, yellow flesh potato, suitable for boiling. For gratin dauphinois and sliced or cut products, we use a variety that gives the right texture. Jacket potatoes need yet again a different variety, skin is more important here, as well as texture and a good potato flavor.

Would you like to try our chilled range? Please contact our sales representative and request for a sample.