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Posted on 04/06/2019

Food trucks have hit a great part of the restaurant industry. Busy lifestyles, with on-the-go consumers increasingly favouring convenient and affordable quality food, result in continuous growth of the street food format. The summer is coming and the food truck business is the perfect summer business! Don’t miss your chance!

If you are already in the streetfood business be prepared to introduce countless bite-sized solutions that will revolutionise your menu and keep your customers coming back for more! Consumer demand for new flavours, textures and unique combinations is the driving force behind the streetfood wave. Hot dogs and standard burgers are not satisfying any more! Still don't know what should be in? Don't worry! We might have an idea that can bring you a significant financial return - a sweet treat that will make your customers get Churrosed :-) 

Any foodie will absolutely love it!

This delicious, Spanish product is rapidly gaining popularity in a growing number of countries.

It is often served with icing sugar and/or melted chocolate. However, they can be served even more surprisingly, appealingly and trendy. Aviko's convenience Churros can be easily served in a tasteful combination with ice-cream. It doesn't get much harder but it does get a lot tastier!

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