Churros – a must-eat treat at Christmas markets!

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Churros – a must-eat treat at Christmas markets!

Posted on 05/12/2019

The festive season is here and the country is full of Christmas markets! In these you can find the most beautiful and unique gifts as well as delicious foods for warming up. The thing about the Christmas Markets is that the food is a huge part of the experience. If you are a food-based business, then a street food stall is a great way of extra profits for you this Christmas.

But, like any other business, it requires loads of work to come up with a sellable concept that will bring back financial return for all the time spent on it.

Don't forget that at Christmas markets people are very willing to try new and extraordinary foods. At the same time, they don't want to wait too long. Still not sure how to combine it? Choose original product that can be prepared in a very quick way! Our top suggestion - Spanish Churros!

Although they are easy to make, it can be really time-consuming and complicated to prepare them from scratch in the rush hours. And here we can deliver a perfect solution - deep frozen Aviko Churros. There are two different shapes available in Aviko offer: straight and loop-shaped Churros. Each piece of Aviko churros is of the same weight (11g or 18g depending on a shape) and therefore it is easy to keep cost control per portion.

These traditional Spanish donuts are the perfect indulgent treat! Ideal for dipping in a coffee or chocolate. They also go perfectly with cinnamon or powder sugar. For all dessert seekers it is a must-eat this year!

As you warm up Christmas market visitors with Aviko churros, their hearts will also be warmed by the festive atmosphere! : )

Let's make a real sweet treat of the festive months!