AvikoPRO - new features and capabilities for users

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AvikoPRO - new features and capabilities for users

Posted on 18/03/2019

AvikoPRO - Aviko culinary app that can bring a lot of inspirations to Your kitchen. Any time, any place you can easily get access to recipes on potato products or browse the product range portfolio the way you like. If you have any questions just contact Aviko sales team using the AvikoPRO. And the biggest benefit- you are online with Aviko novelties, info on trends and market news.

We just introduced the new functionality in AvikoPRO. What is new? We add video button to the main panel. Thanks to this button you are able to watch recipe videos directly in the app- you do not need to search in google or YouTube anymore.

Video films can be filtered by eating occasion or just product group you are interesting in. When you apply your filter, videos covered by filter will be shown.

Despite the video film, you also can click on button- product details- to get more info on product itself or inspirations on it.

It is not the end :-) ! In the video screen, you will find the second new feature- sharing button. Thanks to this you can share videos or products with your friends via all the channels you use!

The application is compatible with iOS and Android and to be downloaded  FOR FREE. 

We offer more than 150 recipes and 35 videos at the moment. However this is not a final number. More and more recipes are being uploaded, if you need a bit of inspiration, do not hesitate and implement our recipe to your menu. The ready solutions are there.

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