Aviko Gratins – the perfect fit for home delivery

  • Aviko Gratin For Delivery Homemade Style Gratin Met Lamsrack En Wortel 1 1 Liggend (1)
  • Aviko Gratin For Delivery Chilled Basic Gratin With Vegetables 1 Liggend
  • Aviko Gratin For Delivery Zoete Aardappelgratin Op De Huid Gebakken Rode Poon 1 Liggend

Aviko Gratins – the perfect fit for home delivery

Posted on 25/02/2021

Urbanization, ultra convenience and digitization are driving changes in consumer buying behavior and life style. Covid- 19 accelerated those trends and strengthened the growth of delivery & take away offer in foodservice outlets. It has been the only option to sustain the foodservice business during lockdown. To help differentiate your delivery menu and provide your customers with high quality meal delivered to their doorstep and unusual eating experience, Aviko Gratins are the perfect solution to help you maximize home delivery & take away opportunities.

5 reasons why you need Aviko Gratins in your delivery/ take away

  1. Eating experience at home: A classic of French cuisine, a great proposition for small meetings with friends and perfect solution for delivery& takeaway. The quality of Aviko gratin is the best on the market - this is due to steamed fresh potato slices, the creamy sauce from Emmental cheese and 30% cream and quantity of this sauce, which Aviko adds generously. The combination of high quality ingredients and production process, ensures Aviko gratins keep their shape for a long time.

  2. Speed of preparation: Aviko gratins need to be heated for 15- 22 minutes in combisteamer/ oven and they are ready! Due to the product composition, a portion of fresh or frozen gratin retains heat very well perfect holding time up to 1 hour since preparation.

  3. Portion control and easy menu calculation: each piece of gratins is 100g or 35g weight

  4. Heat at home solution: Aviko gratins as part of your 'heat at home' menu or part of catering menu for Easter time, Christmas, etc.

  5. Variation of flavors: Italian, broccoli, spinach and Emmental, mushroom, bacon or with sweet potatoes- it helps to be different

Classic gratins deep frozen  - perfect base for creating your individual offer by finishing with other ingredients. Easy to calculate food cost- each 100g pcs. Ready after 22 minutes in combisteamer or 2 minutes in high speed oven.

Gratins with flavor deep frozen - Different flavors will inspire you to create new dishes. Great portion control to reduce waste and lower kitchen cost- stable weight per pcs 100g. Sweet potato gratin- 75 g pcs. Ready after 22 minutes in combisteamer or 2 minutes in high speed oven.

GN/Gastro Tray Gratin  - homemade appearance, serve as a classic gratin, or add your own ingredients to add more variety. Preparation time- only 15 minutes in combisteamer!

Chilled Gratin - as close as can be to a freshly prepared gratin in your kitchen

Gratins for delivery leaflet

leaflet cover photo gratin leaflet.

Download our brand new leaflet concerning Aviko Gratins for delivery!