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Life is sweet with Aviko

Boasting a unique flavour and health benefits, demand for the sweet potato is rising. In fact, 85% of customers would order Sweet Potato in a restaurant over regular potato!*

The perceived health benefits and delicious taste of the sweet potato has led to a boost in demand for this root vegetable, and desire for the unique taste shows no signs of waning. 

Our range of sweet potato products has you covered. With our crispy Sweet Potato Fries, creamy Sweet Potato Gratins and tasty Sweet Potato Diced you will have the perfect offering to keep your customers happy. Plus, when tested against leading competitors, Aviko Sweet Potato Fries were rated higher on enjoyment, taste, texture and aftertaste!**

* Independent Toluna Research, 300 UK consumers, June 2017
** Independent trials conducted by Good Sense Research, conducted with 100 consumers, May 2017

With high demand for sweet potato on menus, and consumers preference for Aviko, there's no reason not to upgrade your menu!

Do you have questions about our sweet potato products? Do not hesitate to contact us. We're happy to help! 

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  • Sweet Potato Fries

    Product: sweet potato fries

    Crispy Sweet Potato Fries with a light coating and packed with the natural flavour of delicious sweet potatoes.

  • Sweet Potato Diced

    Product: sweet potato diced

    Made using a unique steaming process to retain the natural goodness and taste of sweet potatoes, with a distinct rice flour coating for extra crunch. 

  • Sweet Potato Gratin

    Product: Sweet Potato Gratin

    Layers of sweet potato slices are mixed with cream and Emmental cheese and formed into portions for this luxurious side dish. 

  • Recipe

    Sweet Potato Nachos Small

    Sweet Potato Nachos: This sharing dish provides a sweet potato twist on Mexican food, as well as satisfying consumer demand for trendy loaded fries!

  • Recipe

    Peri Peri Chicken Dish Small

    Peri Peri Chicken Legs with Sweet Potato Fries :  A simple peri peri sauce elevates a standard dish of chicken and chips, and by swapping out the fries for sweet potato fries, you're onto a winner with this recipe.

  • Recipe

    Sweet Potato Gnocchi Small

    Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Basil Pesto and Pine Nuts:  Not just satisfied with being an ingredient, our Sweet Potato Diced is the stand out star of this dish with a twist on the traditional gnocchi! 

  • Recipe

    Sweet Potato Curry Small

    Sweet Potato Curry: A vegetarian delight, this curry complements our Sweet Potato Diced with vegetables and a range of spices.

  • Recipe

    Chimichurri Steak Sweet Potato Gratin Small

    Chimichurri Steak with Sweet Potato Gratin:  As a side, our Sweet Potato Gratins perfectly pair with a juicy steak and herby chimichurri sauce. 

  • Recipe

    Eggs Benedict Sweet Potato Gratin Small

    Eggs Benedict with Sweet Potato Gratin:  By replacing a muffin with a Sweet Potato Gratin, this luxurious breakfast dish is sure to have people coming back for more.