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Sweet Happiness!

The new extra crispy traditional Aviko Churros are widely applicable and create opportunities for additional sales. As well as a fast and easy preparation time they have a long holding and are therefore a quick and easy solution to meet the growing appetite for sweet treats.

With extra ridges the product is extremely crunchy and has a very good holding time. The Churro has a very pleasant, smooth texture. The tasting experience brings back memories of past holidays in Spain or South America!

In particular Millennials and generation-Z consumers are interested in trying new and unique "Doughnut Flavors".  Churros are riding the success of premium doughnuts.  

Due to their specific appearance and their excellent yet familiar taste the new Aviko straight Churros will be loved by your customers.

The straight shape is ideal for dipping and it increases the versatility of the product: Coffee Snack, full dessert or as a part of it, sweet treat (Snack). Dusted with icing sugar, with fruit, custard, creme or chocolate sauce. Be sure to try churros with hot chocolate some time…. Dip the churros and drink the left over chocolate.

They can be enjoyed at any time of the day, thereby maximizing your sales even outside the productive hours like lunch and dinner.

Ticking all boxes:

  • Suitable for every season - throughout the year.
  • Loved by young and old.
  • Easy & fast preparation
  • Easy to dip.
  • Perfect to combine with many different sweet dips.
  • Versatile. Delicious as a treat with coffee, as (part of) a dessert or as a sweet between-meals snack.  Served with seasoning and a savory dip even suitable as small tapas bite or starter.
  • Extra Crispy.
  • Long holding - suitable for take away or buffet..

In short: Sweet Happiness


straight churros

Straight Churros 6x1000g