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It is very important to choose suitable potato products for delivery. After all you want to deliver quality meals, variety and healthy options. We have selected potato products from our assortment that are suitable for home delivery.

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But it does not stop with the selection of suitable potato products, the right packaging is at least as important. You will get the best results on crunchiness with:

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Offering a full-service approach to delivery

We are here to help you grow your delivery business with our full-service approach. Download the leaflet and read all about our solutions.


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  • Max Mossink

    Home Delivery Max

    "My customers like to order fries and of course they want them crunchy"

  • Ivo Schellen

    Home Delivery Ivo

    "For my bubbles & bites I always like to create a small party on the plate"

  • David Girault

    Home Delivery David

    "I choose Aviko frozen mash potatoes for quality, definitely"

We love to help you!

We would like to inspire you with the taste, quality and convenience of our delivery products. Please do not hesitate to contact us for information, inspiration or a product sample. We are here to help you to grow your delivery business.