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The world is changing

Delivery is the world's fastest growing foodservice channel. It becomes a response to life style changes and trends like urbanization, digitization, ultra-convenience. Consumers expect a restaurant-quality meal delivered to the table at home. And they are looking for variety and healthier options to satisfy their meal needs. The biggest challenges are delivery time and meal quality.

What does this mean?

Do you want to know what this means if you run a fast food business or a restaurant? Or if you are a wholesaler or an aggregator? Just click on the link of your business to download the leaflet and find out. You will also find tips & tricks to make a success out of home delivery.

Offering a full-service approach to delivery

We are here to help you grow your delivery business with our full-service approach. We constantly innovate and test to offer the best potato products and packaging solutions and inspire with new concepts, recipes, and practical tips & tricks.

How do we make this happen?Circle _homedelivery

We make this happen with our 6 pillars.

1. Solutions
2. Insights
3. Inspiration
4. Learn
5. Innovations
6. Co-creation





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  • Delivery products

    Aviko Supercrunch Fresh Visual

    SuperCrunch Fresh
    Fresh delivery fries for long lasting crunchiness.

  • Delivery products


    SuperCrunch Fries
    Consumers would order fries more often if they knew they were warm and crunchy.

  • Delivery products


    Traditional eating moments are losing ground. Sharing platters are the trend of the moment.

  • Delivery products


    Mashed Potatoes
    The more often people order food, the more often they want to have healthy and more homemade types of meals.

  • Delivery products


    The more often people order food, the more they will look for variety. Wedges are the perfect answer.

  • Delivery products

    Gratins 350 250

    Gratins offer your customers the ultimate indulgent treat, and help you add value and variation to your delivery menu.

  • Max Mossink

    Home Delivery Max

    "My customers like to order fries and of course they want them crunchy"

  • Ivo Schellen

    Home Delivery Ivo

    "For my bubbles & bites I always like to create a small party on the plate"

  • David Girault

    Home Delivery David

    "I choose Aviko frozen mash potatoes for quality, definitely"

We love to help you!

We would like to inspire you with the taste, quality and convenience of our delivery products. Please do not hesitate to contact us for information, inspiration or a product sample. We are here to help you to grow your delivery business.